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DAVID (1992-2003)  Artist-model relationships are complex intertwining of inspiration and reality, dominance and supplication, reverence and sensuality. Their mutual engagement is intimately personal, sometimes combative, and occasionally stormy. Somehow the hard truth of a person must morph into a creative act. It can be a bumpy transition. But works of art based on real people have a compelling beauty at their core as the viewer is curious to draw the line between the artist and subject, between the living flesh and its creative spirit. The David Series was never formally intended as a cohesive project but rather came about as a randomly occasional communing of spirits to see what might result. The first images – such as ‘Lounge’ and ‘Cheek to Cheek’ were done long before Goldstein conceived the ideas for her current body of large-scale tableau photographs that skew social issues with satiric and slyly comical wit. But her interest in the performative aspect of figurative photography and her still keen need to tweak the limitations of gender roles is germane to this collection. Manske’s early gay sexuality also informs the work giving many of the images a puckish charm. In full, The David Series presents an alluring array of intrigues.
-Barry Dumka