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Modern Girl

Inspired by 30’s Chinese advertising illustrations, Dina Goldstein’s Modern Girl is a portrait series and satirical adverts that relay social commentary.

Modern Girl, 2016 This work extrapolates upon Dina Goldstein’s past themes of identity within Western culture. Inspired by Chinese tradition and the evolution of international commercialism, Dina re-imagines the adored and iconic advertising posters of 1930s China. Live models replace the girls, still sexy but far more demure than their American counterparts, the ‘pin up girls’. This era saw the emergence of the Asian women as individuals, who began to break away from Confucius tradition that demanded total filial piety alongside crippling beauty practices like foot binding. However, while an expression of gender emancipation, the posters sowed the seeds of a new form of exploitation: the use of the female form to sell consumer products. The shift to this popular image of the modern woman signaled the commoditization of the everyday and de-radicalization of modernity.The accompanying imagined products relay satirical critique of our current societal realities.