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10 COMMANDMENTS (2019) Inspired by the election of Donald Trump in 2016, and religious influence and interference within the US body politic, 10 large-scale tableaux pieces strikingly relay social commentary breaking down the myth of an ideal American society. The series seeks to examine the socio-political makeup of the U.S.A through its political icons, the presidential figures that mark the most notable and controversial chapters in US history. These juxtapositions aim to deconstruct the layers of political deceit, exposing latent hypocrisies and challenging the integrity of a system that is supposed to be a model of democracy and social progress. Unlike Goldstein’s other series, 10 Commandments reads more immediately, more overtly activist. The artist is, more than ever, wearing her disillusionment on her sleeve, compelled to offer commentary as someone whose life and work have also been shadowed by the now-fractured American ideal. As such, the series demonstrates a new facet of Dina Goldstein’s artistic repertoire, one of political criticism. The award-winning 10 Commandments series has been covered extensively in the media and online.  DOHO Magazine and in The Globe and Mail newspaper